Our True Selves and Purpose


Dr. Henry Chan
(Head of Conservation Sarawak, WWF-Malaysia)
Dr. Henry Chan is Head of Conservation Sarawak, WWF-Malaysia. He was seconded to WWF-Indonesia and WWF-Malaysia as the Heart of Borneo Leader. He recently concluded a Conservation Summit with His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin, Sultan of Perak, Royal Patron of WWF-Malaysia, and His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, President of WWF-United Kingdom. The Summit was attended by various heads of departments in both the Federal and state governments of Sabah, Sarawak and Perak, CEOs and senior managers from the private sector, civil society leaders and members of the academia.

Topic presented: Environment (the wordings for the title would be different)
The talk revolves around Dr. Henry’s journey in persuading and convincing all stakeholders, from local village community, to business communities, to government ministers to support and participate in the Heart of Borneo Corridor Program. The idea is to bring awareness to the public about the current situation of the environment affected by various human factors and how we can play our role into conserving mother nature.



Ivan Ling
(Postgraduate research student, University of Southampton)
A postgraduate research student at the University of Southampton, specialising in using nanocrystaline graphene/graphite for environmental sensing purposes. He is a passionate science communicator and has contributed to various outreach activities affiliated with the university.

Topic presented: Nanotechnology (the wordings for the title would be different)
The talk revolves around the wonders of nanotechnology and how Ivan, who aspires to be a great scientist, finds himself doing research and having “fun” with nanotechnology. The idea is to get the audience to realise and embrace the inner “kid” who would ask “why?” and “how?” instead of accepting things for the way it is.



 Eddie Woo
(Senior Manager, Learning & Development of HR. Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad)
With more than 10 years of learning and development experience, Eddie has conducted various training programmes such as Personal Growth, Investment Product & Sales, Retail Product and Sales, Leadership, Teambuilding, and First Aid. His past experience has led him to believe that our passion could be discovered by Chance as well as by Choice, all by doing only one action.

Topic presented: Seizing Opportunities (the wordings for the title would be different)
The talk revolves around Eddie’s journey in exploring his own passion in the training and development industry. The idea is to let the audience realise the importance of having a right mindset to seize the opportunities that are present in our surroundings.



Santa Santosh Avvannavar
(Chief Commercial Officer, QtPi Robotics)
Santosh started his career as a consultant and soft skills trainer. Currently, he is working as a Chief Commercial Officer at QtPi Robotics. He has over twenty-five publications of mostly research documents in national and international journals, authored sixteen conference papers, and regularly writes articles for a national and worldwide daily paper.

Topic presented: Dreams and Aspirations: 6 Career Success Mantra (the wordings for the title might be different)
The talk would revolve around Santosh’s success journey, whilst highlighting six points that he believes it would lead a person towards career success. A comparison of impact will be made against the 5 shortcuts to success. The idea is to get the audience to realise that several great ideas failed in mind not on paper, and that some form of routine should be planned out if one is to crave for success.



Lleuvelyn Ferolino Cacha
(Marketing and Communications Officer, University of Southampton Malaysia Campus)
With a passion in writing and interacting with students, Lyn followed her interest and ventured into social media marketing. Currently working as a Marketing & Communications Officer in the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus, she wishes to bring a different viewpoint to a wider audience on the power of social media and how we can utilise it to develop our future career path.

Topic presented: Social Media Marketing (the wordings for the title would be different)
The idea is to get the audience to be aware of the openness and the level of transparency present on social media platforms and that different platform requires different expressions to be shared in the right manner.



Nadia Hasbi
(entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of an online store)
Nadia Hasbi is the Founder and CEO of fitrebel.com, an online store that offers beautiful, high quality and affordable active wear for women. Before she became an entrepreneur and started her own business, she never imagined that she would be where she is today. Like most of her friends, she was working in my 9 – 5 job in corporate Malaysia.

Topic presented:
When I was younger, these 2 little words, “WHY NOT”, got me into a lot of mischief. It caused me to drink a little too much, party a little too hard and in some instances, go on spontaneous road trips, which lead to even more mischief. With time and perspective, 10 years later it is these same words that has lead me on a journey of self-discovery, to reinvent myself and is leading me to become the best version of myself that I could possibly be.